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Here at Bet-Gaga, we have gathered some of the top Tipsters in Europe with the aim of creating an extremely strong team when it comes to betting predictions of all sports.

We want to share with you 30 years of betting experience. With respect to all the people who trust us, all these years.

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The man that saw betting in a whole new dimension!

  • 4-times winner in 13-strike in former "PROPO"
  • 36 times banned from betting companies for the damage he have caused in losses for them
  • The man who won 8 turnarounds in a total of 17 matches in May '23
  • Known through betting BTTS in 1st Half

He NEVER stops!!!



Betting started when we were still at 1X2 and Over 2,5 Goals, but over the years he entered the era of live betting strongly and especially in late incentives which is also the favorite of betting!!!

Favorite leagues? Where the round soccer ball moves and all the leagues!!!

Favorite line: When the late goal pays you by saying(suck it)!!! And of course he gets upset when they say the bet is gambling and refuses to believe it…

His logic is that with proper management and correct betting (units), at the end of the season the pocket is always full!!!

This is the well-known Karembe live(man) favorite!!! And don't forget that everything comes and everything is lost just play it right!!!

Karembe THE TITAN!!!

Numbers always tell the truth!

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